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"I tell a lot of people a lot of things, Jeremy.  Most of them are usually fibs."


”I would say you should get used to it, but I don’t think Daddy Number Two would approve of such callousness on my part.”

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The World's End


Anna stares in silence, eyes lowered in thought at the proposed question. Flashes of her darling boy’s face comes to mind, of his boyish playful smile that made her blush like she was really sixteen, the way he laughed—made her laugh, how he would so quickly fall asleep beside her, his breath so soft and even. It is quickly replaced by images of the soldier, the man who calls himself Joshua, the man who had become so hardened and broken by the World’s End.

No longer is he her darling boy; no longer was he hers at all, not for a long time.

Anna  doesn’t like looking at him sometimes because he doesn’t look at her the same way he used to. Admittedly, it stings. But she knows, twenty years is a long time for humans, but to vampire her age, it is nothing. Things don’t quickly change when you’re stuck in time, but when you’re mortal, everything changes. Jeremy may have moved on, but Anna isn’t quite sure she has.

"He’s has a really important place in my heart." She says. "But I don’t even know the answer to your question myself."


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She’s walking through the door just soon enough to see Christopher scampering towards his room, giggling like he’d done something he wasn’t supposed to. Setting her bag down on the counter, she makes her way into the room her son had just come from, and notices Jeremy sitting there with a piece of frozen meet to a swelling, bruised eye. Arms crossing under her breast, she raises her eyebrows at him with a stern look— one that she often gives to Chris when he doesn’t listen to her. Except this time, the look wasn’t aimed at the boy, but at his father ( who listened just about as well as the kid. )

          "I really hope that you’re about to tell me that Christopher beat you up, and you didn’t get the black eyes from the cabinet door I told you not to touch.


Yeah, he had that one coming. Jeremy did he best not to jump up from his seat when she walked into the room, instead choosing to offer a quirky sort of smile at the veiled threat. The grin was his tell, and he couldn’t help it, which is why the Gilbert male never played poker— except when the punishment was something he secretly enjoyed, which was usually the case when he played with Allison.

             ”I think we have a future UFC fighter on our hands, Mom. It only took him two rounds to KO his old man.”



Caroline was losing herself in the kiss, but she quickly pulled away when she felt blood rush to the veins under her eyes, and she turned away.


— “Don’t,” he murmured when he felt her pull away. Even after he realized when she turned her back, Jeremy reached out to touch her arm, urging her gently. “You don’t hide from me, Care.”




            The look on Joshua’s face told Asher that he had no idea that they were even looking for his family. He thought of all people around the organization they’d tell his handler. But no it seemed they hadn’t. “We’ll have to see. Haven’t had luck since they said they were looking but who knows they could be lying,” Asher said with a shrug. After a moment he looked at him. “Should we head out?” He asked. Anything to change the subject and get his meeting over with.

          There was a reason why the males didn’t discuss their families or their past— the trespasses of Asher’s ancestors were easily forgotten, and if they did address, it would result in an argument. Joshua wanted things simple, uncomplicated, so the fact that he had picked a Salvatore for that was silly in the first place. “Yeah,” he let out with a sigh, grateful for the change of pace. “Let’s get going.” He scooped up the last of his things and throw his pack over his shoulder before heading out the door.

Title: Won't Back Down

Artist: Roomie

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Someone woke up on
the wrong side of Vicki
Donovan. —Oh, wait.
She’s six feet under.
My sincerest apologies.❞

is wrong with you?”

Reluctant Partners // Joshua & Ally A


     ♐   The Fireflies has always been an organization of interest to the woman. Whispers here and there of what they do, and what they meant wherever she travels always made her ears perk; listening into the words even when she had no business to. Even when she usually just keeps her head down, and tries to survive. Rumors always came with the name, and some of the rumors spark that drive inside of her. A drive the thirty nine year old desperately needs. A reason to continue.

    That’s why hiding her excitement at being able to find a way to become a recruit, as well as getting sent on a test is something she’s desperately attempting to hide. Being to eager never feels like a pro anymore. Thankfully for Allison, it’s easy for her to feign cool as her fingers rub over slick exterior of the handgun. She misses her bow, but, considering it’s been years since she’s gotten her hands on one to shoot- the availability of it makes her give it up for what she seems to be better at now.

                        Funny how things change like that.

Brown eyes lift from what her fingers were tracing as they wrap around it, picking it off the table and placing it in a holster before she’s letting out a sigh. ❝Go over it again.❞ She’s pretty sure she knows the mission like the back of her hand, but, she asks the question, anyway. Something to fill the silence as they walk to meet who’d be evaluating her. Someone she’s heard some about.


    Allison doesn’t listen as she’s explained for the umpteenth time on what they’ll be doing on their trip. It could be a long one, and definitely dangerous- but, that was fine with her. Give her purpose. She cares about some people around these parts, but, having an actual objective is nice for a change. 

    Just as they were arriving, her ears pick up a different voice. An unfamiliar one, but, from what she hears at the tail-end of the conversation, she can only guess that her luck strikes that it’s her partner.

           ❝It’s nice to meet you, too, partner,❞ she cuts in with a tilt of her head, her face showing little care of the comment she had walked in on. Even if it did make her feel considerably younger than she was. Like she’s something to be looked after. Like a child, really. ❝ Ally A at your service.❞ She’s attempting to skip the being bitter part, even if the smile that she flashes is anything, but, genuine.

When the voice spoke up from behind, both Joshua and the man he had been talking to turned their heads to feast their eyes upon the fated Ally A. Of course— that was just his luck. It was bad enough that he had been given a virtual rookie to take on a dangerous, extended mission, but now she knew that he wasn’t looking forward to working with her. The whole thing would be even more uncomfortable with this looming between them.

                      “Impeccable timing, partner,” he retorted back, earning a pat on his shoulder by the male Firefly beside him.

"Play nice, Josh. Good luck, man. Come back, aight?" After those words of encouragement— and a secretive grin— the other party left, leaving the Gilbert male with Allison and her training officer. And though he was well on his way towards 40, Joshua couldn’t help but feel even a tiny bit of nerves (though he’d never admit it!) about the severity of the mission and the great risk involve. A part of him felt like that 16 year old boy from all those years ago, preparing to do battle at his sister’s side.

He took a step in her direction, closing the distance between him and the person he’d be spending way too much time with over the next few months. “Joshua; nice to finally meet you,” the former hunter nodded politely, the sarcastic look from before now wiped from his face. It was time for business now.

                     ”Hope you traded ration cards for a good pair of hiking boots at some point— ‘told me today that we don’t get a vehicle for this. They’re assuming the worst, that there won’t be anything to fill the tank when we get to DC, and I don’t know about you but I sure as hell ain’t donating my paycheck to make up for an abandoned truck.”

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